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Protect Our People From 2019-nCoV

With the escalation of the SARS-related, Wuhan coronavirus, we must protect our people.

The state-funded RNZ reports that in the coming weeks visitors from Wuhan will begin arriving into New Zealand, while the “Ministry of Health says there are currently no restrictions on travel or border screening in New Zealand and the risk here is low” (see article link). Is the Labour/Greens/NZF government’s inaction due to their increase in reliance on UN direction/guidance, or fear of hurting our relationship with China? Either is unacceptable.

With all due respect and compassion to the people living in the high-risk areas and the restriction on their travel, the current decision of inaction by our government is unacceptable.

“New Conservative demands that the government steps up to a minimum level of consideration to the people in New Zealand,” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei. “As of last reports, we do not even have the testing kits in New Zealand, which are already available in Australia, and this government is treating the escalating situation with disdain and putting our people at risk.

“Pause the movement of people into New Zealand from the ground-zero location of Wuhan and other noted high-risk areas,” concludes Ikilei. “Do your job and protect our people.”