February 2020 - New Conservative NZ

Month: February 2020

Blatant Attack on Private Property Rights

New Conservative is extremely concerned over what is tantamount to the confiscation by government of private land, without compensation. Taranaki farmers and landowners have had portions of their properties classed as “Significant Natural Areas” (SNA). This places extraordinary conditions on the use and development of land they already own. There is to be no compensation for

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Housing: Immigration Freeze, Not Rent Freeze Required

Since 2017 New Conservative has been calling for net zero immigration until our housing stocks meet demand. Immigrants must prove they are financially independent so they have the means to pay higher rents which forces those at the bottom of the rent chain to drop off. You don’t usually invite people to come and stay

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Someone is Responsible for Bashed Boy

When a four year old boy is so badly bashed that the only two foreseeable options are death or permanent brain injury, then someone must be held accountable. New Conservative have long held the view that parents are responsible for their children, so then in a situation like this, New Conservative would see the parents

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Measles, Coronavirus, Labour and Vote Plantations

A damning report has revealed how a lack of action by this Labour/Green/NZF government enabled the tragic measles outbreak in Samoa last year, where most of those who died were children under the age of fifteen. Children. Since the current Labour government took over in 2017, immunisation rates fell dramatically, leading to a panel of

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A Fork in the Road

New Conservative has stated that this year’s general election will be the most important in living memory, and we find that the fork in the road that is the Ihumātao situation is part of this. We know that the Ihumātao deal was already signed and sealed, that it was a full and final deal, that

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