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Measles, Coronavirus, Labour and Vote Plantations

A damning report has revealed how a lack of action by this Labour/Green/NZF government enabled the tragic measles outbreak in Samoa last year, where most of those who died were children under the age of fifteen. Children.

Since the current Labour government took over in 2017, immunisation rates fell dramatically, leading to a panel of this country’s top experts stating that, “Outbreaks have been fuelled by the immunity gap in the New Zealand population,” and that, “No funding has been available nationally to support supplementary immunisation activities to increase immunity against measles.”

Labour/Green/NZF ideology directly enabled this tragedy.

Now, we have the new danger, 2019-nCoV, with this government still maintaining the same ideology of reacting lazily to the growing global outbreak that has killed more people than SARS. New Conservative demanded that the government temporarily block the borders and get diagnostic kits, which the government did only when multiple other countries did the same, over a week after New Conservative demanded such.

“From starting the Dawn Raids to enabling the tragedy of the measles outbreak, Labour has often been disgraceful in the treatment of New Zealand Pasifika,” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei. “Now this outbreak of the coronavirus has the potential to kill greater numbers of those with diabetes, heart problems, chronic bronchitis and similar illnesses, illnesses in which Pasifika people are over-represented, let alone the rest of our sick and elderly.”

“The so-called Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio, carries on the tradition of using Pasifika people as vote plantations for Labour,” says Ikilei, ”and telling a reporter at the Samoa Observer that he was “of the impression” that Samoa had high immunisation rates indicates the usual ignorance of the Labour government.

“Our Pasifika people deserve to have good men and women who know what is happening in their community and portfolio, who care more about the people than looking good in parliament,” concludes Ikilei.