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Housing: Immigration Freeze, Not Rent Freeze Required

Since 2017 New Conservative has been calling for net zero immigration until our housing stocks meet demand.

Immigrants must prove they are financially independent so they have the means to pay higher rents which forces those at the bottom of the rent chain to drop off.

You don’t usually invite people to come and stay when you don’t have a spare bed for them, and successive governments have allowed immigration to outstrip housing stocks which has exacerbated the problem.

Limiting immigration reduces demand and so eases prices.

The UN agent’s call for a rent freeze does not address the real issue, and is just another step towards socialism where the government controls everything.

“The government should not be surprised at increased rents when it has forced landlords to spend up large on insulation, and they will always try get increased return from increased investment,” says New Conservative leader Leighton Baker.
There are always ways around a rent freeze, and this is just another demonstration that the elected government thinks it has rights over personal private property.

With the Government’s endorsement of the UN Migration Compact it’s no wonder they don’t want to even look at the basic cause of the housing issue.

New Conservative. It just makes sense.