March 2020 - New Conservative NZ

Month: March 2020

How Long Will Lockdown Last?

This is the question burning in most New Zealanders’ minds: What are the key indicators for decision making?How many new cases are required for the lockdown to continue?How many deaths?What is the plan when the lockdown ends? We understand that the government is dealing with a huge amount of information and challenges, however, we the

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New Conservative Confident Covid-19 is Defeatable

Figures from around the world show that Covid-19, while vicious and contagious, does behave like other infections, rampaging quickly through a community, hospitalising a small percentage and causing death in an even smaller percentage. The World Health Organisation’s own figures show that, even in the worst hit province of Hubei, China, 3085 people died from

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Go to Alert 4 NOW – for our childrens sake

New Conservative joins the many experts in their fields and is calling for the Government to immediately implement Covid-19 Alert 4. On Sunday alone, Auckland had 4 schools linked to Covid-19. Today, a call to Government to go to Alert 4 and close all schools and daycares immediately was made by The Teaching Council. New

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The Mortal End of a Kind of Kind Government

Dismembering a live baby with or without sedation can never be classified as kind. Brutal?  Yes. Repugnant?  Yes. Inhumane?  Yes. Kind?  No! Leaving a living baby on a cold stainless steel bench to die does not qualify as kind either, yet this government has rejected requiring medical treatment be given to abortion survivors. Even after birth!

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Late Night Police Visits, Raids on Conservatives, Increasing

According to an article released this week, late Saturday night on the eve of the commemoration of the Christchurch massacre, a firearms licence holder was visited and interrogated by armed police at his home, and segregated from his family when they returned home later. He was questioned on political beliefs, social media identity, religious affiliation.

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Six Reasons Abortion is not OK

Six reasons Abortion is not Ok. 1.The world needs more New Zealanders! It needs our creativity, industriousness and expertise. We allow thousands to migrate here every year to increase our Labour force. Surely it would be better to have New Zealand made!! 2. It’s hypocritical to give human rights to a river (Whanganui) but deny

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