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Six Reasons Abortion is not OK

Six reasons Abortion is not Ok.

1.The world needs more New Zealanders! It needs our creativity, industriousness and expertise. We allow thousands to migrate here every year to increase our Labour force. Surely it would be better to have New Zealand made!!

2. It’s hypocritical to give human rights to a river (Whanganui) but deny them for little humans.

3. How can we tell our teenagers not to take their lives, that they are valuable and wanted, while we are terminating their little brothers and sisters?

4. It is “inhumane” and, since 2015, illegal to abort calves, but apparently it will soon be humane and legal to abort humans.

5. We are ashamed of our child abuse record in New Zealand. How can it be legally right to be able to abuse a child in its most protective environment to the point of death, but illegal and wrong once free from its natural protection?

6. Once we allow the government to remove the human rights from one group of society, who will be next? This law makes being human subjective and all of us are now at the mercy of those who make the decisions.

“This government has forced through some pretty poor law in the last 2 years, but this is surely the worst and most dangerous,” says New Conservative Leader Leighton Baker. “This is legalised genocide.”

“The government’s role is to protect, encourage and enable. This law removes protection and means none of these young New Zealanders will ever enjoy this beautiful country or reach their full potential, and that is a tragedy,” says Baker.