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Late Night Police Visits, Raids on Conservatives, Increasing

According to an article released this week, late Saturday night on the eve of the commemoration of the Christchurch massacre, a firearms licence holder was visited and interrogated by armed police at his home, and segregated from his family when they returned home later.

He was questioned on political beliefs, social media identity, religious affiliation.

He was also asked directly about New Conservative:

* “Do you know what New Conservative’s immigration policy is?”
* “Do you know any representatives of the New Conservative party?”

The questioning style and content has chilling similarities to what kiwis have read in history books covering socialist governments, departments with historical identifiers such as ‘secret police,’ ‘political officers,’ ‘Ministry of Public Enlightenment,’ and social environments with suppressive speech laws and militarised police.

“Farmers, families, firearms owners are being raided by armed police. Conservatives are interrogated in their home and segregated from their family, questioned on personal beliefs such as politics, religion, who they know and what they believe,” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei. “This is not happening in faraway nations or dystopian novels, this is happening in our homes, in our schools, in our workplaces.

“We are losing the greatest nation in the world, and the brutality of this increasingly authoritarian government is being ushered in with hollow words such as “kindness,” “transparency,” “us.”

“The targeting of conservatives and their families is causing a growing number of New Zealanders to recognise the deliberate destruction and replacement of New Zealand’s founding values with an ideology that should never be allowed to infect our society,” concludes Ikilei. “This election year, we either take back what we have lost, or we lose the rest of what we have.”

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