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The Mortal End of a Kind of Kind Government

Dismembering a live baby with or without sedation can never be classified as kind.

Brutal?  Yes.

Repugnant?  Yes.

Inhumane?  Yes.

Kind?  No!

Leaving a living baby on a cold stainless steel bench to die does not qualify as kind either, yet this government has rejected requiring medical treatment be given to abortion survivors.
Even after birth!

New Conservative has now committed to making the repealing of this repulsive, anti-child policy a condition of any coalition agreement formed after September 19th and would require a binding referenda be held so that the people of New Zealand get a say on how our most vulnerable citizens are treated.

“Allowing a conscience vote on a policy like abortion is undemocratic. Politicians are elected to represent us, not rule over us, dictate to us, or micromanage us,” says New Conservative leader Leighton Baker.

When Government ministers proclaim discomfort at being shown images of what they are seek to legitimise, it proves that they are disconnected from reality and society.

Abortion kills babies.

“New Conservative is the party of binding referenda, the party committed to giving the citizens of New Zealand a voice between elections,” concludes Baker.
“It is time for elected dictatorships to stop in New Zealand, and for all life to be respected.”