Expand the Bubbles Before They Pop - New Conservative NZ

Expand the Bubbles Before They Pop

New Conservative calls on the government to allow expansion of relationship bubbles, the start up of more businesses and an ease up on travel restrictions by the end of this week.

Covid-19 has neither destroyed our population nor even caused widespread debilitating sickness, even though we have continued to allow infected people into our country with comparatively little restrictions. Instead of isolating the healthy, we need to detect, isolate, and treat those with the sickness.

The government may have acted in good faith with the data available to call the lockdown, but equally, with the hard facts in front of us, they need to be willing to allow life to move on and recognise that the harm from the lockdown is far more widespread than the sickness itself.

“Covid-19 does not even make the top 10 of causes of human death this year,” notes Leighton Baker, Party Leader. “As more people wake up to the fact that they are far more likely to die on the roads, from smoking, from alcohol, from cancer, from diabetes, from the seasonal flu or from suicide, then they will challenge why they are banned from working, hunting, fishing, swimming, hiking, travelling and from their families, for something that has contributed to the death of just one person in New Zealand.

“The Government needs to take the lead and let us out. Now.” concludes Baker.