Elliot Ikilei will Stand for Flat Bush (Takanini) - New Conservative NZ

Elliot Ikilei will Stand for Flat Bush (Takanini)

Auckland’s new electorate of Flat Bush* will be given the opportunity to have New Conservative’s Deputy Leader fight for their needs and wants.

Elliot Ikilei has both lived and worked in or around the electorate for over a decade, with close links in the local community through his extensive work with young people, including working within the areas of self-harm, suicidal ideation, sexual abuse, family violence, leadership facilitation, resilience, self-confidence, etc, and in one-on-one, small group, even training trainers. 

He has also worked in a broad spectrum of industries including tourism, steel, training, animal-care and more, and knows well what terms such as swing, shift, graveyard, mean.

Along with so many testimonies sent in by young people and their families, Elliot also received the Police Commander’s Commission for Bravery & Heroism, when he pulled three people out of a car minutes before it was smashed by a truck.

Elliot knows the challenges facing the community, he knows the people, and he has watched the growth of both over many years.

“For the first part of my life, I was part of the problem,” says Ikilei, “for the remainder of my life I will be a servant to my community: to fix, solve or salve the struggles that will come, and celebrate the victories that we will gain.”

New Conservative has become unofficially known as the party of the Frontliners, likely due to the vast majority of leadership and candidates made up of men and women who have been working in social services, prisons, trades, small businesses, and have already fought to staunchly protect parental rights, private property rights, free speech, and protecting New Zealand’s most vulnerable in speaking out against Abortion, Euthanasia and Cannabis.

*name yet to be confirmed.