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NewsFlash! Dying from anthropogenic climate change is less likely than dying from Covid-19.

While Covid-19 has been blamed for around 0.1% of our deaths this year, there is no empirical evidence that human contribution to the climate has added to any fatalities.

Good news for concerned students: they will not be dead in twelve years from Climate Change.

Good news for farmers: they are not destroying us by the practices that feed us.

Good news for the miners, steel workers, engineers and producers: they can continue with their trades knowing that they are not terminating their descendants.

Yes we need to look after our environment and seek clean water, breathable air and healthy food sources, and we can do that by good research, clever solutions and smart investments, but it doesn’t have to destroy our economy.

Neither does Covid-19.

For every person that has died with Covid-19 another 1000 kiwis have died from other causes. Heart attacks, cancer, road accidents, diabetes, and the list goes on.

Fear and panic sells papers and drives people to internet sites demanding action and answers, pushing logic and reason out of sight.

Let’s not lose sight of reason due to the noise of doom when the figures call for calm reaction.

Keep the vulnerable safe with self isolation IF THATS WHAT THEY WANT. (Elderly deserve free choice as well.)

Practice good hygiene and safe distancing.

Isolate yourself when you feel unwell.

Get on with life knowing that we all face risks, and that we can manage them.