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Caregivers on the Critical List

Carers of the disabled and those with behavioural disorders desperately need New Zealand to come out of lockdown, as they have received no relief for 6 long weeks now.

24/7 care is massively demanding, and those of us who shower when we want, toilet at our leisure, and enjoy a quiet coffee, have little appreciation for the constant demand that a highly disabled or challenging dependent puts on their caregivers.

“The new more alarming epidemic in New Zealand is around mental health, and we need to let people out to get the breaks and interactions they need for their mental well-being,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative leader.  “People contacting us at New Conservative are feeling at, and even stretched beyond, their absolute limits and we are hearing multiple stories of suicides in all age groups.”

People dying alone, separated from their loved ones, is simply one more reason for us to reduce restrictions and show some genuine human kindness to those at the end of their lives.

People need hope. They need to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and for too many that light seems unreachable.

“For the sake of those who have already given so much, and who have so little left to give, we ask the government to let us out,” Baker concludes.