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New Conservative Will Not Work With the Coalition

Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Since 2017, New Zealand has witnessed significant incompetence from the Labour/NZF/Greens government, with examples including Kiwibuild, the ‘not a slush fund’ Provincial Growth Fund, firearm debacles, under/overreaction to COVID-19, Ihumātao, University fees-free, plastic bag ban, child poverty, etc; this has been accompanied by a culture of obfuscation, and an observed disdain of our democracy, evidenced by occurrences such as the hidden sex offences, severe stripping down of public time at Select Committees, Stroubeck and Hardcore relationships, hiding the signing of the UN Migration compact, police raids on innocent families, Serious Fraud Office investigation, leaked emails showing the illegality of the Lockdown, etc.

New Conservative, along with advocating for the return of democracy to the people via the implementation of the Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum, has been at the forefront in exposing and detailing the above examples and more over the last three years. This has led to an awareness of the growing danger posed by this government towards the current and future viability of the families, finances and freedoms of New Zealand.

“What Labour has done to Southside and Westside (Auckland) has sickened me,” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei, “they have caused much damage to the communities I grew up in and have worked in, while at the same time falsely pretending to be part of the people when, in fact, their Progressive ideology opposes our values: pushing the killing of babies to birth; race-baiting; going against the family; pushing gender ideology onto our children; removing the very freedoms that were paid for in blood by our fathers.

“The Greens have been pushing even more for the same policies, while the inaccurately-named “New Zealand First” have done little more than take bags of money while forgetting their ‘bottom lines’…at least until election season.”

The ideological trajectory of Labour/Green policies, actions and words, combined with the political expediency of NZF, has led New Conservative to realise that there is only one stance that can be made with integrity regarding this year’s election.

New Conservative has decided to not work with the Labour party, NZF or the Greens in building a government in the coming general election.

“We are a values-based party, not votes-based,” continues Ikilei, “and our integrity, both as individuals and as a party, has been hard-earned over the years of being at the frontline of our communities. 

“We will not work with those who seek to replace the pillars of our great nation with the most murderous ideology in human history.

“I remind other parties who will think to use us as a subordinate,” he concludes, “that we are values-based; we neither flinch nor fear, whatever coercive tactic may be applied. We will staunchly represent the families of New Zealand as an independent voice in parliament if need be. 

“We strengthen families, defend democracy, and do what works, and that while outside of parliament. 

“Be ready for what comes when we are in.”