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Light Rail or Something Superior?

With the pause afforded us by Covid-19, maybe it is also time for a rethink of some of our major infrastructure projects planned for the coming years. We do need to get our country moving again. We do need to create jobs. We do need to buy New Zealand Made.
One project that springs to mind immediately is the transport system in Auckland. For years, since the beginning of discussions around the need for an efficient CBD to airport transport link and suburban system, we have had a New Zealand designed two directional elevated option on the table. Some of the advantages of this option are:
Lower Costs
* Less land required
* Faster to build
* Low Capital Cost
* Low Operating Cost, little or no operating subsidy needed
* Viable with physical distancing/passenger isolation

Superior Passenger Service
* Available 24/7, no timetables needed
* Half the journey time in peak hours
* 1-4 minutes waiting
* Fares similar to buses

Environmentally Benign
* No CO2 or particulate emissions
* Whisper quiet
* Less land disruption
* Reduces Congestion
* No interference with road traffic
* Integrates at stations with other modes of transport

Revenue and Employment Generating Potential
* For the designer, SkyCabs International Ltd
* For the Construction Consortium
* For the Owner/Operator
* Government income from GST, company and income tax

All New Zealand Made
* Manufactured in New Zealand with NZ resources
* Creating jobs for New Zealanders
* Building a huge potential for an ongoing export industry

At this time, rather than repeating the current expensive, hugely disruptive, traffic congesting, inefficient ancient technology, we should look to turbo boosting local manufacturing to stimulate the economy, spending less overseas funds, and decreasing our debt, moving into the future with new ideas, increasing exports and decreasing imports. All this is possible with this alternative NZ designed option.
“We need to get into the 21st century with our thinking, stimulate our economy with New Zealand made, and increase our export potential with pollution solutions,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader. “And SkyCabs meets all these requirements and should be evaluated.”
“Why does the government refuse to give this serious consideration?” Baker asks.