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Government Rejects Opportunities for Covid Recovery

The current New Zealand government is continuing to squander opportunities to help us recover from the devastation caused by the Covid lockdown.

Last month they awarded a taxpayer-funded contract for disability support to an overseas company trading out of tax-friendly Ireland. And now a major rail contract has gone to foreign firms with Chinese and South African owners.

Keeping contracts and services within New Zealand keeps jobs, skills, and finance in our country.

It is not only the tax that stays here, it is the money spent, circulating through staff, suppliers, sub contractors, direct and indirect industries. The ongoing servicing of related machinery also stays in New Zealand, providing yet more work, more skills training, and more revenue.

These funds provide for additional employment and tax revenue. It is an upward spiral for employment and the economy.

Awarding major government contracts to foreign companies sends hard earned tax dollars out of New Zealand. There is no benefit for New Zealand in that.

New Conservative has called, and continues to call, for the government to be forward thinking and flexible in awarding contracts, so that our tax dollars are used to help our nation recover from Covid costs as fast as possible.

New Zealand must have the right to renegotiate any free trade deals that disadvantage us after such an unprecedented event, especially where we have suffered financially through no fault of our own.

“New Zealand has lost a major revenue stream with international tourism virtually non-existent. Our government needs to think and act in the best interest of New Zealand if we are to enable our nation’s recovery,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.