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Petition of Helen Houghton Ignored

“The government is usurping parental rights when it allows the Ministry of Education to teach distorted scientific facts claiming that girls and boys can be born in the wrong body,” says Helen Houghton.

The recommendation from the Education and Workforce Select Committee, after receiving Helen Houghton’s petition with more than 40,000 signatures, shows that they have dismissed the concerns and evidence provided by Helen of the dangers of confusing children about sex and gender.

“The safety of all children will continue to be in danger when we teach them politically driven ideologies about sex and gender, which confuse them with concepts that are developmentally age-inappropriate.”

Current evidence is clear that social transitioning, puberty blocking agents, and cross-sex hormones, are not safe for children. Research literature states that pubertal sex hormones affect brain development. This clearly shows the need for caution around introducing concepts that encourage children to question their identity, which then lead them down the road to gender transitioning.

The American College of Paediatrics states, “Affirmation,” (the term used in the New Zealand Curriculum learning intentions for teachers to ‘affirm a child’s thoughts, which are contrary to physical reality’) “constitutes child abuse.”

By “affirming” a child’s discomfort in his or her physical body a teacher is causing further injury to that child. The teacher is closing down any narrative for future opportunities to consider and explore any underlying comorbid psychological, psychiatric or intellectual and cognitive disorders that can accompany someone with Gender Dysphoria. 

Social contagion and group think is responsible for the rise in children presenting with confusion about their identity, and a school environment is not the place for political activists who threaten the safety of our children. 

New Conservative policy says that parents should be entitled to know what their child is being taught, and that classes which teach, and a culture which conveys, that gender can change based on how a person feels has no place in our schooling system. 

The New Zealand Curriculum document, which is produced by the Ministry of Education, prides itself on producing life-long learners, who can use critical thinking to form a judgement of their world around them. Helen, however, says, “They are being highly irresponsible to teach that the way a person feels, which can change often over a lifetime, is more important than biological scientific facts.”

She goes on to say, “They do not give students enough factual information for them to make decisions based on reasoning. Students, and in fact adults, use reasoning when we consider something as true, based on the evidence given. The learning intentions that the Ministry has provided to teaching staff give no scope to use ‘critical thinking’ because they do not provide all the pros and cons of the gender debate for anyone to make an informed decision.”  This leads her to state that the education system has become flawed by not teaching facts, instead prioritising the request of minority groups over the rights of all others.

“Our government refuses to take into consideration the ethical dilemma this puts many teaching staff under, in particular those who signed the petition because they hold different scientific, cultural and religious beliefs to those insisting that gender sits on a spectrum, is fluid, and that a child can believe themselves to be a sex different to what their natal sex is,” says Houghton.

Helen said she witnessed a child questioning his sexual identity after being involved in a gender ideology lesson. Because of this she will be challenging the curriculum on the basis of the Bill of Rights, and especially this violation where parents, and the vital protection of children, are being discriminated against. It is unlawful to mislead our vulnerable. Children are being led to believe they can live as the opposite gender, and that will solve all their problems. The ‘utility approach’ is being used as a false hope for our vulnerable young people. The learning programmes inflicted upon our children provide only one view, and they are being locked into a pattern of thought which leads to a lifetime of medical interventions. 

New Conservative will remove gender ideology from the curriculum and will provide support for those who suffer with Gender Dysphoria in the form of counselling. New Conservative believes that students should use bathrooms, changing rooms, and participate in sport based on their biological gender. The role of our education system is not to indoctrinate children with political ideologies from minority groups. We must train them how to think, not just tell them what to think.