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Black Lives Are Not Important To BLM

District Health Boards using skin colour in determining placement on surgery lists, the increasing call for splitting New Zealand up into two governments, giving extra money and power to one race over others, are ways in which the Labour/NZF/Green government increasingly has more in common with apartheid-friendly politicians from last century than timeless New Zealand values including equality and freedom. Race relations in New Zealand has become a charged and triggering issue since 2017.

Within our nation, there are now many politicians and academics using victimhood as a pathway to feed their own power and position, with proscribed victimhood requiring neither accuracy nor experience. Bullying based on skin colour has become rife and now threatens our culture, as statues are attacked, history is revised and TV programmes are taken down.

“The erasing of New Zealand history and culture is in fashion,” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei, “and the Labour/NZF/Green government has been the enabler, fomenting those groups of people who are more susceptible to basic marketing techniques.”

The recent BLM protests provide the latest example, as the group continues the well debunked myth of ‘institutional racism’, easily triggering thousands of New Zealanders, mostly young people, into a fog of outrage at the death of an American. 

In the days around the BLM protest, two kiwi babies were killed with homicide investigations started. No protests, no marches.

Māori and Pasifika babies are more at risk of being aborted. No protests, no marches.

“BLM care little for black lives,” states Ikilei. “Indeed, when this Far Left group leave areas, violent crime and murder often increases, which has become known as the “Ferguson Effect.” 

This Far Left group ignores the babies being killed off or the fact that the number one killer of young black men is a young black man. Even those black people killed in the protests by BLM protestors are studiously ignored.”

The Black Lives Matter group, within their own beliefs, support two main ideologies:
Alphabet: multiple references to LGBTQIA+ frequently pop up throughout the BLM beliefs, much more than poverty, gang violence, abortion or other risk areas for those Americans who are black.
Anti-West: BLM are anti-family, stating “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement…”, while also decrying another well-debunked myth, that of “patriarchy.” In addition, the BLM beliefs also repeat terms such as “comrade” and “liberation.” An anti-West theme is heavy throughout the website of BLM.

Elliot Ikilei continues: “The Nazi party were marxists who used nationalism to feed their own power. 

“BLM are marxists using skin colour to feed their own power. 

“They profit from black deaths, not black lives.

“New Zealand has a Left to Far Left media, Left to Far Left government passing some of the most racist and authoritarian Left leaning policies ever seen in our history. 

“Now with Far Left groups being given free reign, seeking to erase history, collapse statues, bully, attack and suppress free speech, we are watching our very culture being taken away from us.

“This year, we win back what we have lost, or we lose the rest,” he declares.