June 17, 2020 - New Conservative NZ

Day: June 17, 2020

New Conservative Conference Venue Confiscated for the Second Time

Three days before New Conservative launches their 2020 campaign, the government has arbitrarily shut down the booked venue, the Pullman Hotel. Originally the conference was booked for the Holiday Inn near the Auckland Airport, however this venue was commandeered by the government for COVID-19 quarantining two weeks ago and New Conservative were forced to scramble

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More Evidence of the Government’s Fiscal Incompetence

Spending over $570,000 on a slide and a bit of landscaping shows total disrespect to tax paying citizens and proves yet again that this government has no connection to the budgets of ordinary Kiwis. It is no wonder Kiwibuild is such an abject failure when the government thinks this amount of money is reasonable for a

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Anti-Freedom Policies Give Way To Direct Military Control

On the 25th of January, New Conservative called out the lazy and incompetent practices of the Labour/NZF/Green government, stating: “…we do not even have the testing kits in New Zealand…and this government is treating the escalating situation with disdain and putting our people at risk. Pause the movement of people into New Zealand from the

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