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Anti-Freedom Policies Give Way To Direct Military Control

On the 25th of January, New Conservative called out the lazy and incompetent practices of the Labour/NZF/Green government, stating:

“…we do not even have the testing kits in New Zealand…and this government is treating the escalating situation with disdain and putting our people at risk. Pause the movement of people into New Zealand from the ground-zero location of Wuhan and other noted high-risk areas.”
(NB: Labour finally closed the border more than 8 weeks after this Press Release)

New Conservative followed up throughout February and March with Press Releases detailing how this government was lazy in their reactions to the COVID-19 pandemic, a far cry from the #gohardgoearly slogan that was pushed heavily by the Labour PR team.

The incompetence of this government was displayed repeatedly throughout this time, between meetings the Health minister who went for a bike ride, moved house, drove significant distances, all while ordering New Zealanders to be remaining home, the supporting of big businesses while abandoning small businesses, even removal of rights via bills such as the Public Health Response Bill, giving extraordinary power to the government and enabling the very right to order children and adults to do as certain politicians dictate.

Now, after the last couple of years that have seen the gradual and accelerating removal of our freedoms, rights, culture, even style of democracy itself, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has taken an incredible step in having the New Zealand military take direct control of our borders to cover up for the incompetence of her own Health Ministry.

When one Australian terrorist was inadequately vetted by police, law-abiding citizens had their private property rights removed. Now, when two recent arrivals are not properly monitored by the health ministry, it is used as an excuse to bring in Military control of our borders.

“In the coalition’s apparent attempt to lead our people’s attention away from Labour’s increasing incompetence, Ms Ardern has now moved to an appalling new articulation of authoritarianism; the usage of direct military power for political purpose,” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei.

“New Zealand now shares a border control style with such nations as North Korea and Venezuela, with military control of our borders during peacetime never having occurred in living memory. Combined with the latest expansions of power, especially with section 11, we are seeing, before our very eyes, that government troops can now enter homes, schools, churches, marae, and give direct orders to our own people.

“We have never seen such a direction for the military to have  powers over New Zealand men, women and children, while under the direct command of Labour politicians. We now enter a time of direct and imminent threat to our nation’s freedom.

“This is the most important election in the history of New Zealand.

“This year we win back what we have lost, or we lose the rest,” concludes Ikilei.

“Air Commodore Webb will regularly report to ministers. As the Assistant Chief of Defence he can also seek access to our military logistics operational expertise, and if needed personnel to assist in the running of the facility.”
Jacinda Ardern
“It is a proud tradition and fighting trait of our army and people to rise up like mountains and go through fire and water to unfailingly carry through the party’s orders and instructions.”
Kim Jong-un