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More Evidence of the Government’s Fiscal Incompetence

Spending over $570,000 on a slide and a bit of landscaping shows total disrespect to tax paying citizens and proves yet again that this government has no connection to the budgets of ordinary Kiwis.
It is no wonder Kiwibuild is such an abject failure when the government thinks this amount of money is reasonable for a slide. How could they ever manage something as intricate as a dwelling?

“I can build a large three bedroom home with a tiled shower, butler’s pantry, walk-in wardrobes and a full ventilation system for that amount of money. Yet this government spent it on a slide,” says New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker.
$180,000 on consultants for a slide in a children’s playground can only be described as total incompetence by project management that borders on corruption.
New Zealanders trust the government to be prudent with the hard earned taxes they collect, however it is this sort of spending that shows a total lack of experience around realistic costing for minor works.
The government has just offered $1,000 per month for someone to take on an apprentice. This playground is the equivalent of 47 years of an apprentice’s wage, and shows the disregard that the government has for the trades.
“It’s time New Zealand had people looking after the books who show some respect for the effort that goes into making a living and paying taxes,” says Baker.