July 2020 - New Conservative NZ

Month: July 2020

Vandals Attack New Conservative

Vandals targeted New Conservative’s billboards on the Whangaparāoa Peninsula, completely destroying them during last night’s storm. “They were on a designated site right outside Whangaparāoa police station,” explained local candidate Fiona Mackenzie. “Unfortunately, the station is only manned during the day so the vandals had free rein.” Local police suggested that the damage could be

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New Opportunities for Conservative New Zealanders

Todd Muller’s brief leadership of the National Party ended this morning and his resignation creates opportunities for truly centrist, more stable and independent parties not under investigation by the SFO. Unfortunately this does point to some foundational issues for the National Party, and possibly explains why Labour has been weak in campaigning on policies for

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New Conservative Congratulates Family First

New Conservative congratulates Family First on winning the appeal against their de-registration from the Charities Register. This is great news during a time of great erosion of core New Zealand principles such as free speech and democracy for the people. In 2017, the Charities Registration Board deregistered New Zealand’s strongest family watchdog group, possibly due

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Hong Kong Situation Requires Clear NZ Stance

New Conservative calls on the government to join with our Five Eyes allies and add New Zealand’s signature to a joint statement condemning the continued removal of freedoms in Hong Kong. New Conservative also calls on the government to give safe-haven status to Hong Kong businesses and citizenry alike, as our closest trading partner Australia

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The Tahr Cull Continues

New Conservative is appalled by the lack of consultation provided by DOC to stakeholders in the management of the New Zealand Tahr herd by not following protocol and not allowing all stakeholders to consult on the plan proposed. DOC released its new Tahr control plan just 2 days before the Tahr Plan Implementation Liaison Group

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Updated Firearms Policy

Since we introduced our Firearms Policy over a year ago, the legislative changes for the civilian firearms community have come thick and fast. As predicted, none of them have done anything to tackle the illegal possession & use of firearms by criminals, but everything targets law-abiding firearms owners. We have also received feedback that some

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