Updated Firearms Policy - New Conservative NZ

Updated Firearms Policy

Since we introduced our Firearms Policy over a year ago, the legislative changes for the civilian firearms community have come thick and fast. As predicted, none of them have done anything to tackle the illegal possession & use of firearms by criminals, but everything targets law-abiding firearms owners.

We have also received feedback that some areas of our policy need clarification, so here they are! In essence the changes are:

– Clarify that temporary visitors such as hunting safari & competition shooters would continue to be able to obtain a temporary visitor’s firearms licence, subject to conditions as under the unamended Act.
– Clarify that ownership of all semi-automatic firearms, excluding rimfire rifles & shotguns, will be subject only to a higher security requirement & vetting, as described in the unamended Act.
– Remove the requirement of the Permit to Procure system for those semi-automatic firearms, excluding rimfire rifles & shotguns.
– Create an independent authority to administer the Arms Act, similar to that of the NZTA for the administration of driver licensing. The previous policy wording called for an investigation to create such an authority, the new wording makes it definite.
New Conservative is the only viable, independent minor party going into this election that will seek to repeal the amendments to the Arms Act that have been introduced since 2019, and return the ownership & safe use of firearms to law-abiding New Zealanders. We strongly believe that simply creating more laws does not make NZ safer.

We are New Zealanders who legally own & safely use firearms to feed ourselves, to earn a living, to do sports, and to keep NZ free of pests, at no cost in many instances.

Victoria O’Brien, Firearms Spokesperson, New Conservative