Vandals Attack New Conservative - New Conservative NZ

Vandals Attack New Conservative

Vandals targeted New Conservative’s billboards on the Whangaparāoa Peninsula, completely destroying them during last night’s storm.

“They were on a designated site right outside Whangaparāoa police station,” explained local candidate Fiona Mackenzie. “Unfortunately, the station is only manned during the day so the vandals had free rein.”

Local police suggested that the damage could be attributed to youth out and about at night while on school holidays.  Appropriately, New Conservative does have policies aimed at curbing the increasing wave of youth crime in New Zealand.

“Our community does have problems if we have young vandals freely roaming around on stormy nights looking to destroy other people’s property,” Fiona said.

“Our billboard volunteer is a nurse working twelve hour shifts so it’s a shame he is going to have more of his leisure time consumed thanks to these drongos,” she added. “By the way, this sort of thing won’t slow us down. We care too deeply for the future of New Zealand.”