No More Lockdowns - New Conservative NZ

No More Lockdowns

New Conservative is committed to no more lockdowns if it is in Government after the election.

The current government lockdown strategy has been a demonstrable failure as it is impossible to eradicate or eliminate something that is rampant worldwide.

Every lockdown pushes more people out of work, closes more businesses, and sends the country closer to financial ruin without diminishing the chances of future Covid outbreaks.
New Zealand needs to move away from elimination, which is both unachievable and unsustainable, and work on minimisation.

Minimisation allows schools and businesses to remain open, supports people to stay at home if sick, protects the vulnerable, encourages good hygiene, continues testing, but allows life in New Zealand to continue.
“As a remote Island Nation we have advantages in regard to border controls and quarantine,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader. “Our relatively sparse population means Covid spread can be restricted and our reliance on private transport means we are less likely to contaminate others.”
New Conservative is committed to leading New Zealand through Covid, not destroying it because of Covid, and believes that lockdowns are short-term reactions with long-term negative outcomes.
It’s time to free New Zealand.