Fiona Mackenzie is New Conservative’s number 5 list candidate. - New Conservative NZ

Fiona Mackenzie is New Conservative’s number 5 list candidate.

Her broad business background started young with early work experience covering the spectrum from hospitality, retail, nurse aiding, cleaning, and travel to being a postie.

Fiona’s formal career started with teaching before moving into finance while gaining a BA and MBA from Auckland University, mostly through part-time study.

She subsequently became NZ General Manager for an international public relations agency.

Once her kids arrived, Fiona shelved her corporate ambitions to become self-employed, providing marketing/PR/publishing services for a range of clients.

Geoff Chapple’s dream of creating Te Araroa – New Zealand’s Walking Trail – inspired her, so Fiona spent six years as their Northern Project Manager. This charitable venture made a big impression on her. Not only did it draw on all her skills, but she saw a lot, and mixed with a wide variety of wonderful Kiwis who love New Zealand as much as she does. Some were doing great things for their local environment and communities. They were amazingly hard-working with real can-do attitudes and will never be forgotten. These experiences ultimately led Fiona to devote her time to preserving what is good about our country and she’s been politically active ever since.

Fiona believes in strengthening families, improving education, reducing red tape, and delivering a true democracy with full accountability. To achieve this, she sees New Conservative as the back-to-basics, steady hand that New Zealand needs.

A Hibiscus Coaster for over 30 years, Fiona is happily married with adult sons. She and her husband established a business that has been operating nationwide for the same three decades.  Fiona’s leisure pursuits include getting into the great outdoors and pest control in Puhoi for The Forest Bridge Trust.

Fiona will be a great asset in the next government.