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New Conservative Announces Number 7 List Candidate

Bernadette Soares has been announced as New Conservative’s number 7 list candidate.

Bernadette is a mother, wife, business entrepreneur, motivational speaker, property investor, author, counsellor and a passionate Christian. As the owner of a successful business encompassing iconic beauty brands, Bernadette has a Masters in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a Degree in Economics and Commerce, with over 18 years of experience in setting up and managing businesses.

Having moved to New Zealand with her husband Clyde when she was 21, Bernadette has lived in the Upper Harbour electorate for the last 30 years and is well connected and respected in the community.

Bernadette has been a Business Mentor with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce to provide start-up and emerging businesses support and guidance in their journey. She is also the founder of Let Your Light Shine Charitable Trust and has worked closely with businesses, councils and local organisations to generate new business ideas and work alongside start-ups to achieve their potential through training, mentoring and support.

Bernadette is also a trained counsellor, and as an advocate for workplace bullying is passionate about bringing change to workplace relations in New Zealand. To this end she has been a spokesperson who arbitrates disagreements and lobbies the government.

“My experiences as an employee, a mum, an immigrant and a businesswoman, give me a strong footing to represent our people through New Conservative. My values resonate with those that the party proudly professes, and watching in horror the ill-thought through social policies of the government has fuelled in me the desire to stand up to be an MP in a values driven party.”

Bernadette will bring a strong focus on small business and immigrant communities to government.