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Media and Fake News

In a time of growing ideological conformity within the New Zealand media, a backlash from the public has seen media outlets seeking to proclaim themselves as the arbiters of truth.

The New Zealand media industry, once renowned for impartial journalism, groundbreaking investigative articles and solid, balanced information, has become a carnival-like atmosphere of entertainment-style gossip, Left-leaning op-eds, and forwarding the latest piece from MSNBC, CNN, BBC or other partisan media companies.

An example of this is the Covering Climate Now initiative, where participating media outlets sign up to only engage in media coverage that supports the ‘anthropogenic climate change’ narrative rather than balanced, unbiased reporting. New Zealand media such as The New Zealand Herald, ODT, Newsroom, The Spinoff, Newshub, even taxpayer-funded broadcasters RNZ and TVNZ, are signed up to this international agreement.

A recent poll of 2500 New Zealanders showed that out of 12 media outlets, 10 were viewed as Left to Far Left while just 2 were seen as centre-right.

And just a week ago Stuff NZ partly-pulled a story smearing New Conservative candidate and cancer survivor Deborah Burnside around her ratified support for the local cancer society.

“Over the last few years, the media has become a shadow of what they once were,” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei. “Media gang-ups on individuals such as Israel Folau and Donald Trump have also shown not just a mob mentality within the journalism field, but an ideological conformity within an industry that, according to the NZMC, ‘should be bound at all times by accuracy, fairness and balance.’ International propaganda agreements, the increasingly rare examples of balanced journalism, clear biases in narrative reporting, are sad evidence that the once-great press industry has become a stagnant marsh of taxpayer-funded Progressive dogma.”

Ikilei concludes: “We truly hope that we will soon experience a reforming of the once-honourable station of New Zealand’s free press industry.”