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New Conservative Challenges TVNZ to Honour Fairness, Free Speech and Democracy

New Conservative is preparing a legal challenge over the publicly-owned TVNZ’s right to pick and choose which political parties get election coverage in their televised debate planned for 8th October. New Conservative’s action is a last resort, taken after several attempts to discuss the issue with TVNZ executives.

New Conservative is the 5th highest polling party, equal now to NZ First and rising, an established, committed political option, and is standing candidates in all 72 electorates, including the Maori seats (only matched in seat numbers by Labour – see the graphic below).

“TVNZ’s actions are simply not compatible with maintaining a healthy democracy,” said New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker. “It’s absurd that they are protecting the established parties, or preferring separatist and entertainment participants over serious political contenders who are working hard for real New Zealanders of all ethnicities who just want to be heard by government.”

“TVNZ claims that we are not yet polling high enough to be included, yet New Conservative has been the highest polling party outside of government for most of the past nine years. We have achieved this despite the lack of media support,” Baker stated.

“TVNZ’s hypocrisy is that polling has New Conservative trending significantly ahead of Advance NZ and Maori parties, yet TVNZ are still including them in the line-up. Why would they want to include a failed MP and party, or support those hopelessly outside of contention? 

“A true democracy relies on a robust media, facilitating the full and open exchange of ideas in an unbiased way. Yet TVNZ seems committed to rigorously promoting some narratives while totally suppressing others. This is definitely not in the public interest,” concludes Baker.


Leighton Baker, Leader New Conservative