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No Foreign Interference in NZ

The most recent move by China to initiate simultaneous military activity in 4 seas (Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea & South China Sea), while the economies of the region and around the world are struggling under the effects of COVID-19, is a stern reminder that New Zealand must not tolerate foreign interference in our sovereign nation.

“New Zealand must take a strong stand against foreign influences in our country. With national elections being held within 2 weeks, we must look ahead as a nation for a strong party that will hold our values close and not be swayed by the lure of seemingly easy cash as a lifeline for our economy,” says Leighton Baker, Leader of New Conservative.

New Conservative has long denounced the rising tide of socialist doctrine and communist influences in New Zealand. The Memorandum of Arrangement signed between the NZ government and the Chinese Communist Party for its “Belt and Road Initiative” in March 2017, opened the door for the sale of NZ’s assets at fire sale prices to a foreign power.

Both the National and Labour governments have progressed negotiations for this Belt & Road Initiative. New Zealand is alone in the Five Eyes to have signed up to this Initiative. Our traditional allies Australia and the US, are currently directly in the line of fire should the military situation worsen in Asia. Other countries presently under threat from China’s expansionist moves in the region include Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

Part of halting this expansion is playing our part in the Pacific, and an easy way that we can do that is by allowing travel to and from Pacific nations that are Covid free. Many of these countries are heavily dependent on Tourism and are struggling financially, so allowing Kiwis to enjoy a short break boosts their economy, shows them we care, and strengthens our pacific partnerships.

If New Zealand fails to look after our pacific neighbours, then we open the door to other influences to establish bases on our back door step by meeting the Pacific’s very real needs.

New Conservative is calling on the government to think long term and realign our commitment to our long term allies, and our close neighbours.

Leighton Baker, Leader New Conservative