October 8, 2020 - New Conservative Party | New Zealand

Day: October 8, 2020

Harassment of New Conservative Candidate in Taupo

New Conservative’s Taupo candidate, Jan-Marie Quinn, is being harassed by the convicted, small-time financial fraudster and maker of ‘harmful digital communications’ – Tracey Livingstone. Unfortunately an NZME journalist has leapt into the fray, delving decades back to find anything to help discredit the party’s candidate, chasing down Quinn’s ex-husband and the New Conservative leader for

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TVNZ Ruling – Where Does That Leave Our Democracy?

New Conservative today put a case to the high court in Auckland seeking to be included in the scheduled Multi-Party debate by state broadcaster TVNZ. The case was turned down by Justice Woolford, and the debate will proceed with the initial list of participants, unless another party polls at or over 3% in tomorrow’s Colmar

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