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Harassment of New Conservative Candidate in Taupo

Jan-Marie Quinn

New Conservative’s Taupo candidate, Jan-Marie Quinn, is being harassed by the convicted, small-time financial fraudster and maker of ‘harmful digital communications’ – Tracey Livingstone. Unfortunately an NZME journalist has leapt into the fray, delving decades back to find anything to help discredit the party’s candidate, chasing down Quinn’s ex-husband and the New Conservative leader for comment.

Quinn is a highly regarded businesswoman and community volunteer. She has been targeted for being the whistleblower on Livingston’s stealing from the Child Abuse and Prevention Awareness (CAPA) charity in 2018.  Livingstone was convicted last year and is now publicly seeking utu, harassing Quinn on social media, texting Quinn’s employees, performing outside Quinn’s business, and contacting Taupo District Council deputy mayor Christine Rankin, and property owners who have Quinn’s billboards on their properties.

“It’s strange how the media have no time to investigate and report some of the significant, anti-democratic policy and legislative matters that have been rushed through Parliament this year, but they have time to bully Quinn – a woman who suffered a significant emotional trauma 20 years ago, resulting in her making a mistake and signing a false affidavit,” said New Conservative leader Leighton Baker.

“Perhaps the media don’t care about corruption-proof government services, education, housing and child poverty.

“This is absurd, and it certainly shows how desperate the media is to find something on us. We are a party that believes if you commit the crime, then do your time, and then get on with making a positive contribution to society,” said Baker. “Quinn has certainly done that. There was no money involved in her mistake and no harm was done to anyone else. She did her 6 months community service, and has contributed superbly to her community. She deserves a fair go.”

Quinn is known for her competency in leadership roles, owns and operates a business in Taupo, works with the Children at Risk and Education (CARE) hapori initiative, and helps and supports local homeless people and rough sleepers. She also mounted a successful campaign to save Taupo’s Search and Rescue helicopter services.

As a New Conservative candidate, Jan-Marie wants to raise awareness about a range of issues: our needless levels of poverty, the senseless abortion legislation that was passed this year, the shortcomings in our democratic system, and our ongoing failures in justice.

“We are incredibly proud of all our candidates. They’re experienced, grounded, educated, skilled and humble,” said Baker. “These New Zealanders are determined to contribute vast, real-world experience to steering New Zealand out of the trouble it’s in.”


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Leighton Baker, Leader New Conservative