New Conservative Update - 30/12/20 - New Conservative NZ

New Conservative Update – 30/12/20

After a tumultuous period of change, Elliot has tendered his resignation from the leadership of the party and from the New Conservative Board. He has been on the board now and as a leader of various areas for over five years, and those of us close to the board know he has put huge effort in over that time at great expense to him personally and to his family. We sincerely thank him for his efforts.

Party Leadership is important. Losing Elliot is very unfortunate but the board does not intend to rush into appointing another leader. The appointment/selection process should be the role of the new board following the AGM. However, we will continue to keep eyes and ears open. In the light of Elliot’s resignation, it is the board’s assessment that there is no real political need for a leader at this point in the election cycle. Therefore we will continue to make statements and press releases on relevant topics from our recognised spokespeople but will direct any media inquiries to the board.

Please direct any questions to Simon Gutschlag, board chairman.