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Loving Parents in Danger Again

The demands by the Greens on Labour to hasten their promise to ban Conversion Therapy, and the PM’s response that they will deal with this later this year, will be a further unjust intrusion into family relationships.

While the bill is still to be written, Labour MP Marja Lubeck’s private member’s bill has been referred to as being the basis for legislation when it is drawn up. 

A legal opinion on this sought by Family First says that “a ban would criminalise parents who wish to protect their child from the physical, emotional, and psychological harm caused by gender dysphoria. Parents would be criminalised and liable to six months imprisonment simply for affirming that their sons are boys and their daughters are girls. These bans will lock children into transgenderism. The Labour party – and Greens – want to legislate against the discussion and practice of alternatives to hormones, surgery and confusion.“

A parent will no longer feel free to say to his/her son, “That’s my boy!” or to his/her daughter, “You are my princess!” or affirm their biological gender in some other loving way. They could be in danger of criminalisation and up to 6 months in prison!

Meanwhile, at school, total freedom is given to teachers and the curriculum actually requires them to encourage our sons and daughters to explore the possibility that they may be something other than their biological gender. “Gender Fluidity” is taught, and affirmed, but only in the direction as defined by the activists. Is this not, in itself, Conversion Therapy?  

How can it be that freedom will be given for affirmation and therapy away from biological gender, but banned for that which is towards biological gender? History shows that there were certain methods used to persuade people’s thinking that were totally inappropriate and should be banned, but methods do not define all therapy.

New Conservative encourages all parents to rise up with one voice in opposition to this unjust intrusion into our family relationships, and let this government know that this is totally unacceptable. We will not subject ourselves to their conversion therapy. Six months in prison, or the threat of it, will not change our commitment to lovingly affirm our children as the boys and girls we welcomed at birth. 

And we call on the government to focus on dealing with abuse where needed, and to leave parents who want the best for their children alone. 

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