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Lawbreaking, Free Lunches, and White Privilege

Welcome to the second instalment of “Conservative Matters”. There is now less than a month to book for NC’s Annual Conference in Wellington on the 19th June. Our guest speaker Prof. Des Gorman was interviewed by Duncan Garner last week, putting NZ’s COVID-19 success down to “dumb, good luck.” You’ll likely agree with a number of his views regarding the state of healthcare and the pandemic response. You may vehemently disagree with others, which should open up room for healthy debate.

A Pattern of Behaviour

After a legal challenge from Sue Grey, the High Court ruled that the government’s provisional approval of the Pfizer vaccine “went beyond the powers of section 23 of the Medicines Act.” The government responded with urgent legislation to retroactively make it legal. When the Auditor-General ruled that the government’s Ihumatao purchase was unlawful, the government responded by retroactively making it legal. Before that, the High Court ruled that the first nine days of lockdown were unlawful, which the government just ignored. Most recently, the SFO charged six people over illegal Labour Party donations, and the Prime Minister responded to say she would look at changing electoral financing law.

A pattern of behaviour showing a total disregard for the rule of law has emerged. Our government flippantly breaks the law then retroactively legalises their actions, without public input through the Select Committee process or meaningful debate in the House.

Creating Hunger and Dependency

Rather than deal with the underlying issues causing some children to come to school hungry, the government has decided to implement a “free lunch” programme that results in massive waste, of food and money. A free meal sounds nice, until your “lunch” is cold spaghetti from a can that turns up two hours late. A Ministry of Health website advised schools to wait until the kids were hungry, and also to make students with home-packed lunches wait for 15 minutes while state-fed students ate first. “Healthy food tastes better if you are hungry,” reads the tagline. The state can be a harsh step-mother.

There is some good news from Education Minister Chris Hipkins: “No child will be made to eat a government lunch,” he said. “Parents wanting to provide their children with their own lunch can continue to do so.” How generous of him to permit it.

Teaching Racial Abuse

“A student at a Whangarei primary school had to stand up in front of their classroom and say what they had done to acknowledge their white privilege.” – NZ Herald

It seems like Critical Race Theory (CRT) has well and truly been implemented into the education system. CRT postulates that race is a social construct and that white supremacy is everywhere. As with all of neo-Marxist theory, it rejects objective truth and equality before the law. You’re either an oppressor or oppressed, locked into an eternal struggle for power.

When you start to study CRT, you cannot help but notice something disturbing about its proponents. Samuel Sey picks up on this in his review of the CRT manifesto “White Fragility”. He remarks that “Robin DiAngelo writes like a white supremacist.” Indeed. 

Our schools are teaching white children that they are “more privileged” (aka superior) and that non-white kids are “less privileged” (aka inferior) due to factors inherent in our “White” system. That’s evil and will cause lifelong damage to young children.

Sorry to end on such a sour note, but not every one of these newsletters will have a happy ending.

Conservative Matters, 20th May 2021
By Dieuwe de Boer, NC Board Member