June 2021 - New Conservative NZ

Month: June 2021

Safe Schools Please!

The celebration of PRIDE week in child centred environments has led to the victimisation and humiliation of at least one Christchurch teen last week. We ask how many other children out there are feeling uneasy because some schools forced them to participate in ‘non educational’ celebrations.  The child made a conscious decision not to wear

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Conservative Matters #3

Welcome to the third instalment of “Conservative Matters.” Our AGM is being held in Wellington this Saturday, so if you live in the area note that any party member can attend the 4pm AGM at no cost, and the conference guest speech at 7pm is also open to the public. The Elephant in the Classroom

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The Elephant in the Classroom – NZ’s Broken Education System

We are failing a generation of children in academics when schools are expected to address every social issue of the day. Many educators are fed up with the constant push to deliver more content that addresses sexuality over the critical sliding ranking of our students in maths, reading and science. While NZ students have the

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