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Conservative Matters #3

Welcome to the third instalment of “Conservative Matters.” Our AGM is being held in Wellington this Saturday, so if you live in the area note that any party member can attend the 4pm AGM at no cost, and the conference guest speech at 7pm is also open to the public.

The Elephant in the Classroom

Our education spokeswoman Helen Houghton highlighted in a press release that, as NZ falls further behind in maths and the sciences, teachers and students are being pressured into participating in and promoting “Pride” Week activities and “gender fluid” pseudoscience. The promotion of bigotry against conservatives and racism against Europeans is passed off as “diversity”.

In one example this week, School Strike 4 Climate Auckland have announced that they are disbanding because they are racist. Yes, you read that right: SS4C has admitted to being a “racist, white-dominated space”. They use the US term “BIPOC” which seems like a rather dehumanising way to label all non-Europeans. They want to require all future climate action groups to be led by these “BIPOCs” who are supposedly “disproportionately affected by climate change,” and they apologise for not paying reparations to “BIPOCs”. They are disbanding to “decolonise the organisation.” And no, this is not sarcasm or an elaborate joke. I’m not sad to see them go, but this is a taste of what they plan to do to all of us.

Coal Guzzling Cars

On the topic of the environment, PM Jacinda has chastised those who might not have a “legitimate use” for owning a ute or SUV. The government plans to tax some new vehicle imports, punishing tradies and farmers while subsidising Prius and Tesla buyers. We’re importing an increasing amount of coal to burn at Huntly Power Station. Swapping out diesel for coal is bad for the environment, and importing coal when we have some of the world’s cleanest burning coal in our ground is ludicrous.

Modern-Day Land Grabs

New Conservative applauds farmers and iwi in Northland who have pushed back against the Significant Natural Areas (SNA) law that they rightly say amounts to a “modern-day land grab”. Farmer group Groundwell is also pushing back against SNAs in the South Island, prompting racist comments from Associate Environment Minister Shaw. The people who know the best way to use and preserve their land are the owners—if the government wants to create new public conservation areas it should buy the land on the open market.

Left For Dead

This week Voice For Life broke a story from a medical student who was traumatised after witnessing an abortion, following which the baby was left to die on a table for two hours. It’s not often that such a story comes out, so while this is a graphic recounting of a visible abortion, we must not forget that this legal execution happens on average 36 times a day in New Zealand, mostly on even tinier humans still inside the womb. We must stand for equal protection and justice for the unborn, which will separate us from every other party when we make it to parliament.

Last month the Free Speech Coalition reformed and relaunched as the Free Speech Union. It’s a great union to join if you want to ensure the employment of whistleblowers and those with counter-cultural religious or political views can be protected from internet mobs.

Conservative Matters, 17th June 2021
By Dieuwe de Boer, NC Board Member