July 2021 - New Conservative NZ

Month: July 2021

Building Industry in Crisis

Materials shortages, labour shortages, supply delays and increased costs are now all part of the everyday experience of those in the building industry. From talking to people across the industry, I have heard of issues like: Merchant shelves are almost empty of timber framing, plywood and engineered timber beams.  Concrete can take weeks to arrive. 

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Freedom for All

New Conservative stands for Human Rights, freedom for all, our freedom, and freedom as stated in the NZ Bill of Rights Act. Our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is working hard to silence the words we speak through so-called ‘hate speech’ laws so we do not cause any emotional harm to others, yet she ignores the

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NZ Freedom of Speech in Peril

“I hate you, you’re the worst parents.”“Conservatives are bigoted and living in the 18th century.”“A woman’s place is in the home.”“The Holocaust never actually happened.”“There are only two genders (male and female), all others are a fabrication.”“The Bible says all sinners including homosexuals will go to hell.” Are any of these statements hate speech?  Will

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Time to Review Lockdowns

Let’s think again about lockdowns and their widespread impact. After one couple caused 500,000 people in the wider Wellington region to be in level 2 lockdown for a week, it is time to ask “are lockdowns the best response to Covid?” The initial concept of flattening the curve to avoid overloading our hospitals 15 months

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