Conservative Matters #4 - New Conservative NZ

Conservative Matters #4

Welcome to the fourth instalment of Conservative Matters. It was great to see a number of you at the conference in June and to get feedback for direction to start the campaign towards the next election.

Party leadership and spokespeople
The process of selecting new leadership is underway and there will be more information when it’s ready. Keep your eyes out for more information regarding party spokesmen and spokeswomen. Helen Houghton, our education spokeswoman has been very vocal on issues recently and we hope to have a few people join her shortly.

Heterophobia from the government
The most recent attack on the family is coming from Justice Minister Kris Faafoi. New Conservative is the only party speaking out against the “conversion practices prohibition bill” in its entirety. Parents could be prosecuted for declining to give hormone blockers to a child who expresses a desire to change gender! You can read Kevin’s PR on the website, and many have asked what they can do. He will attach a spreadsheet with email addresses if you wish to protest to your local representatives, or to all MPs using mail merge in email if you want. Let’s bombard them!

In addition to being an attack on the family, it is also a violation of religious freedom as it seeks to criminalise prayer and pastoral care with those who seek help to overcome unwanted sexual desires or practices. The bill will outlaw conversion away from LGBT lifestyles, but enshrine the practice of conversion to the LGBT community for those struggling with their identity.

Last opportunity for feedback on “hate speech”
Initial consultation on the government’s “hate speech” proposals will close tomorrow on August 6th. There is still time to add your voice via For excellent resources to assist your submissions on both the above topics visit Family First.

You can help
Party CEO Pete North has set a fundraising goal for getting monthly donations from members and supporters. If you want to see the party in the best shape for the 2023 election, this is the most impactful thing you can do right now. Set up an automatic payment of $100, $50, or $20 from your bank account, or make a one-off donation with your credit card via our website. (Bank details: 12-3488-0002002-00, New Conservative)

Conservative Matters, 5th August 2021
By Dieuwe de Boer, NC Board Secretary