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Incompetent Handling of Terrorists Endangers Lives

“Labour’s weak and incompetent handling of terrorist suspects is as bad as its dealing with Housing, Mental Health, Homelessness and Child Poverty problems,” says New Conservative Justice Spokesman, Ted Johnston.

Terrorists won’t care if they are told to “be kind.” This latest shooting in Auckland by a radical Isis extremist is a wakeup call. 

It is crazy that the person was viewed as so dangerous that he was followed constantly, yet he was still in the community and in NZ.

“How many more victims do we need before proper action is taken to remove these dangerous individuals from NZ?“ asks New Conservative.

We note:
“The 2020 annual report of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) said: “During the past year, between 30 and 50 individuals have been under active investigation by the NZSIS in relation to violent extremism at any one time.”

New Conservative states this is unacceptable and shows what happens when we bring in refugees or immigrants from dangerous countries or war zones. Many people with extremist views or PTSD can be ticking time bombs.

Equally we do not want people bringing their traditional hates and wars here. 

The PM has been quick to announce that this isn’t supported by anyone here in NZ. If that were the case then the SIS wouldn’t be following suspects.

We note that extremism can come from all sides of the spectrum, whether religious or ideological. However, whether extremist religious attacks or otherwise, they need to be dealt with equally effectively. And Labour has shown an inability to do so. 

The PM constantly dodges issues by saying, “It is under investigation,” and not releasing many details. The dead terrorist is not before the court, nor is there any suppression order with regard to this stabbing.  Simple basic facts and even identification should be available to alleviate concerns of the public, not excuse making to help hide incompetence.

New Conservative says that the PM has a duty to answer the hard questions and stop avoiding them.  

New Conservative believes that Immigration NZ should have sufficient power to cancel residence or citizenship of known terrorist sympathisers and their families, if they become of extreme concern.

This therefore makes their families’ immigration status a good behaviour terrorism bond. Then they may think twice before taking action.

Ted Johnston, New Conservative Justice Spokesman