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Belated Action on Terrorism Laws

New Conservative believes that Labour has delayed on very important terrorism safety legislation, because of its constant focus on laws grounded in their ideology. 

The terrorism laws have needed urgent action since at least March 2019, and only this recent stabbing incident has made the government speed up its action. It highlighted the weak, inadequate terrorism laws in NZ, long overdue for updating. 

New Conservative believes stronger laws allowing fast revoking of residence or citizenship and deportation akin to Australia need to be implemented.

Labour’s priority has been the extremist abortion law passed in 2020 under lockdown, and looming large are the anti-freedom of speech hate laws, gay conversion therapy law, and now the removal of biological sex on birth certificates.  

“These are extremely serious watershed issues that undermine our basic freedoms of speech and human rights, which are a focus of New Conservative policy,” says Justice Spokesman Ted Johnston. “None of these were given a mandate, nor has time been given for proper and full discussion before Labour has moved to force these watershed changes onto the NZ public.”

The same could be said of changes to the Firearms Act, pushed through under urgency in double quick time following the abhorrent massacre in Christchurch. But no urgency has been taken to speed up laws designed to deal with the cause of such events; suspected terrorists. 

It is highly likely none of these unpopular and amoral laws would have been passed by a referendum, which is probably why we don’t see referendums being used. In fact, Labour banned the use of referendums at local body level with urgent legislation as well.

New Conservative calls on the government to focus on the real urgent matters and keep New Zealanders safe, free and respected.

Ted Johnston BSc BA LLB, New Conservative Justice Spokesman