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Labour Creating Second Class Citizens

New Conservative states that the NZ Labour government’s plans to require vaccinations for employment and access to public and private facilities and amenities is an injust and unnecessary attack on our freedoms.

It robs us of our freedom of choice. We have a right to decide whether or not to accept invasive treatment of our bodies by injection. It amounts to mandatory vaccination by stealth.

There is a valid concern that because the vaccines are so new, few if any tests have been done concerning its effects on the very young or on pregnant women, and the long term effects are also unknown.

There is no in vivo evidence concerning the medium and long term effects of these vaccines (e.g. two to five years or more) nor concerning the mixing of vaccines / boosters, as the vaccines were rushed into circulation in the last year. 

New Conservative further states the restriction of access to employment, schools, restaurants etc, and the requirement of vaccination passports, would create two classes of citizens. Those vaccinated and the unvaccinated, the Haves and the Have-nots.

Discrimination against unvaccinated, second class citizens could include where they could be employed, where they could go, what they could do, and who they could associate with.

Nor should private companies like AirNZ be able to take away our rights to travel, as they are our National carrier. AirNZ have announced that from Feb 1, 2022, they will be refusing to allow non-vaccinated people on their planes for overseas travel. 

Under the current oppressive Labour lockdowns and fear mongering, this heartens such organisations to undermine our rights and freedoms with impunity, and proves the discrimination and prejudiced treatment of the unvaccinated is already starting. .

This attacks people’s right to choose whether or not to be vaccinated, and even discriminates against those who cannot be vaccinated for various reasons.  

New Conservative believes that Labour’s plans will seriously undermine fundamental freedoms, and be another step down the slippery slope to totalitarianism. 

Labour’s Hate laws and other proposed legislation undermine freedom of speech. Which are the next freedoms to go under Labour? 

National, Act and the Greens support Labour’s vaccination passport. 

New Conservative is the last party of refuge protecting people’s voice and rights on this serious issue. 

Ted Johnson, New Conservative Justice Spokesman