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Opposition Complicit in Labour’s Abuse

“When it comes to Covid, Act is Labour’s main cheerleader,” says New Conservative Co-Leader Ted Johnston.

Labour last week stated that,

  1. a vaccination certificate will be imposed by November this year, and
  2. a vaccination passport will soon be implemented.
  3. Education and Health Sector workers will be required to be vaccinated by Jan 1 or face deployment.  (Expect that to really mean dismissal)

It will mean New Zealanders who are not vaccinated will be unable to attend large gatherings (expect the size to be reduced), and likely banned from bars, restaurants, and hospitality venues. These bans may increase as the government plays hardball to get to its magical 90% fully vaccinated target, not achieved by any other country to date.

The unvaccinated will be unable to travel overseas, domestic air travel is in their sights, and public transport will likely be next. No matter how long they worked, many employees will likely face the choice of “vaccinate or vacate.” It has already been applied to the armed forces. While armed services personnel give up most of their rights when they sign up, teachers and health workers do not. (Could it be that government housing, medical treatment or a benefit will be next?)

New Conservative says, “If a person wishes to be vaccinated they are entitled to choose to do so. However a person should also be entitled to refuse coercive medical treatment, except in the direst of emergencies.” 

We have had treatment orders, enforced medical treatment and detainment, for decades for uncooperative patients with tuberculosis and other serious diseases. However, imposing draconian and unnecessary controls over the entire healthy population of New Zealand is wrong, and a dangerous precedent.  

New Conservative states that Labour shows its hypocrisy. If you agree with the government eg, on abortion, puberty blockers, gender, euthanasia, then you have a right to choose, “my body, my choice,” guaranteed by Law. However, if you disagree, by refusing invasive medical treatment (injection), there is no tolerance for choice.

Once again Labour has arbitrarily moved to enforce restrictions over New Zealand’s population, without public consultation or approval. This escalating number of repressive laws is dangerous to democracy. Every increase in police powers and extension of government powers, decreases the strength of our rights and freedoms, and is harder and harder to remove. (National has a history of letting such laws remain).  

However, instead of opposing this increasing expansion of government and police powers, and loss of our rights, the Opposition support it and Act actually wants to extend it,

Act advises Labour to empower all employers to dismiss workers if they are not vaccinated.  Not only that, but they want the law changed so that an employee’s legal right to challenge it in court is removed. New Conservative opposes the extension of such power to an employer over its employees.

The Labour government’s abuses of our rights and freedoms must be opposed, but the current so-called opposition in parliament applauds them. New Conservative is the only sizeable party doing so. We are opposed to this steadily increasing imposition of government control, undermining and abusing our rights and freedoms.

God defend New Zealand! 

Ted Johnston BSc BA LLB
Co-Leader, New Conservative