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A Democratic Government Listens To Its People

“Labour and Parliament have shown a completely arrogant disregard for the public,” says Ted Johnston, Co-Leader of New Conservative. 

Thousands of people marched to parliament in Wellington on 9th November 2021.  It was a huge protest against the lockdowns, the loss of livelihoods and businesses, and the abuse of the Labour government’s power by removing people’s freedom of choice. 

Yet, when they arrived at parliament, not one single MP met them. Parliament is where we are supposed to have a voice. It is a citizen’s final place to voice concerns, to protest and bring crucial issues to the attention of the politicians who make our laws.

Yet all these good honest concerned citizens were ignored. PM Ardern merely dismissed them saying they don’t represent the majority.  New Conservative states, “We should not have a tyranny of the govt. All should have a voice, but that voice is being ignored. Every member of parliament in every party completely ignored the people.”

However, it is not only the politicians ignoring the public. The media are also ignoring political parties outside parliament. Aside from reporting breaches of the law at huge protests, e.g. Auckland etc, the media seem to only report opinions from parties in general covid alignment with the government.

The questions have to be asked, did the $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund (given out by Labour from 2020 up to the next election in 2023 and this is following the $50 million  already paid out in 2020) influence media reporting? Did this suspicious payment made for the purpose of allowing media to ‘continue to produce stories that keep New Zealanders informed and engaged, and support a healthy democracy’ have the opposite effect? And was that the intention?

Parties outside of government have been completely ignored, not asked for their opinions or stance on these vital issues, and their persistent media releases are constantly dismissed.  

Furthermore, PM Ardern promised that no-one would be forced to be vaccinated, and that there would be no penalties. That promise has not been kept. Instead, when questioned, she claimed she said that not everyone would be forced.

Many have now been penalised with lost jobs and this will continue. Others will lose businesses, and their right to share in the use of the facilities and amenities of our great country, including international air travel, hospitality, and other basic necessities. 

The opening of malls etc in Auckland was just a political response (as we see the numbers of infected far exceed what we had at level 4) no doubt to try and neutralise the increasing public opposition to the Labour government’s severe draconian laws. Labour’s Covid laws gave it great powers and suppressed people’s rights including the ability to refuse treatment under s 11 of the Bill of Rights Act. 

The recent High court case by Sue Grey, though unsuccessful was a praiseworthy attempt to oppose government action. However, the court would always err on the side of public safety, and the government has given itself great powers. Even if the government had lost, Labour would merely have changed the law retrospectively as it has when previously caught out. 

The only effective way to stop this abuse of power by Labour is to vote them out. Ted Johnston, Co-leader of New Conservative, states that, “New Conservative is standing up to the Labour government’s abuse, defending citizens rights and freedoms. Join with us and vote them out.” 

We need  a government that will listen to and respect everyone, and protect our rights and freedoms. 

New Conservative: Your Nation, Your Voice.


Ted Johnston BSc BA LLB
New Conservative Co-Leader