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New Conservative Announces Tauranga Candidate

11 April 2022

New Conservative has consulted its members in Tauranga and has decided it will stand a candidate in the Tauranga By-Election. The members there have overwhelmingly supported New Conservative Co-Leader, Helen Houghton, as their first choice, and look forward to backing her in her campaign.

While Helen currently lives in Christchurch, she will be moving to Tauranga for the duration of the campaign. She will work hard to make the people of Tauranga aware of the policies of New Conservative and how they relate to their electorate.

Helen’s passion includes education, freedom and family, and has a broad understanding of current issues. She will listen to the people of Tauranga as to the local issues which concern them. Helen gives her own reasons for wanting to stand in this by-election:

“I believe New Conservative is the consistent, conservative choice for Tauranga. We are not distracted by the whims of a few that have caused other parties to lose their true identity. We stand for family, freedom, and facts over feelings – feelings change but facts do not.

“I am a realist and straight talker which is needed in an increasingly misguided/misled society, and the people want stability. Airy-fairy policies and schoolyard behaviour politics won’t cut it anymore. New Zealanders want commonsense and less interference from the top down government antics of control in our lives. Tauranga has had enough of this in its local government.

“New Zealanders are not children, and we are not a team of anything. We are self-responsible people, capable of leading ‘our’ lives, unique individuals, families and communities, with various strengths, beliefs, and priorities. New Zealanders must be able to make fully informed decisions for themselves and their families,” observes Helen.

“I am looking forward to meeting and talking with the Tauranga voters and taking their concerns to parliament.“

The New Conservative Board wishes Helen well in her endeavours and believes she will represent the party and the people of Tauranga well in parliament if elected.