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Why Vote for NC?

Why Vote for NC? So You Can “Value Your Vote” So You Can Vote For What You Believe In So You Can Be the Change You’re Hoping For Other Reasons Family New Conservative has a focus on strengthening the family unit and incentivising the development of healthy families in our country rather than penalising them.

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Climate Change Costs

The Climate Change Commission has released its 180 page Draft Advice for Consultation.   It talks about the “need to change how we get around, and rethink what we produce and how we produce it. (The) need to reconsider what we buy, what we do with what we have used, and how we can reuse more

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Pollution Solutions

Pollution Solutions Drinkable Water New Conservative will investigate and implement reasonable and affordable steps to ensure that our rivers and waterways are maintained to the highest achievable standard, and continue to be enjoyed by all New Zealanders. We strongly support existing requirements in waterway fencing and planting and modernising waste water treatment systems to eliminate

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