Caleb Ansell

Waikato Candidate

I am a firm believer in freedom and democracy. I am a firm believer in the youth of our nation.


I am a firm believer in our farmers and agricultural sector. I am a firm believer in HOPE for our nation.


I believe that we can as a people keep our traditions and culture.


I believe that there is nothing that we can’t do as a nation.

I believe in New Zealand.


I believe that this is the greatest country on earth.


I believe in its people.


I do not think there is anything that is unachievable in this nation.


I believe in our traditions, values and culture.


I believe that they are the bedrock of our culture and that without them, we are on a slippery slope.


I believe that speech and thought should be FREE! I believe that ALL life is valued and valuable!


No-one is without value in this country and I believe that we should preserve ALL LIFE!


I am so very excited to represent the Waikato this election, as I have seen the best it has to offer and I believe that it can do even better!


I am a proud conservative, not at all politically correct and unashamed of my love of country and countrymen.


I believe that with the right leadership, we can fix the woes of a great nation.

So, let’s fix this.

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