Casey Costello

Spokesperson for Representation and Property Rights

New Conservative recognise that there is an increasing range of issues that are impacting New Zealand democracy and land ownership. Legislative and policy decisions both at central and local government are occurring that undermine some key fundamentals of democratic process and accountability from those in public office.

Ownership of our beaches, co-governance arrangements and even water rights are going to be challenges that will impact our future generations.

These are specialist and complex issues and therefore having a specialist knowledge base and representation in this area is important to keep New Conservative positioned to provide relevant and informed responses.

Casey Costello is a board member for New Conservative and co-spokesperson of Hobson’s Pledge. She is committed to the very best outcomes for Maori and protection of equal treatment of all citizens so that decisions can be made based upon need so that the most vulnerable get the best outcomes.

She believes in the protection of our democratic process and elected representation where there is full transparency and accountability.

New Zealand is being impacted by decisions that are effectively creating an environment of separatism and, even when these decisions appear to be failing our most vulnerable, New Zealanders are deprived the opportunity to have honest discussions on these matters. New Conservative want to ensure the very best representation and the best solutions are delivered and this requires the protection of democratic processes with consistent accountability.

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