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COVID-19 Policy Statement – Truth, Freedom, and Trust


It is imperative that the government discloses all true facts relating to this pandemic. Full disclosure of evidence for what we are being told should be given, not just the claim that the government is the source of all truth.




New Zealand has always been a free country and it should remain that way. Freedom to choose, and freedom to ask questions and debate, are foundational to good democracy.




New Zealanders are, by and large, trustworthy people. We are one of the least corrupt countries in the world. Individuals should be trusted to care for their own well being and for that of others.



  • New Zealand’s government is alone in its quest to eliminate Covid 19. We must face reality and recognise our need for international travel.

  • It is time Covid 19 was taken out of the hands of politicians and put where it belongs, into the hands of trained health providers.

  • New Zealanders need to be fully informed about the true reliability of the PCR test to specifically identify the Covid 19 virus or its variant.

  • Support should be prioritised for locally produced testing and treatment by our own innovative laboratories.

  • Deaths with Covid 19 need to be separated from deaths from Covid 19, as adverse events after vaccine are currently separated from adverse events from vaccine..

  • New Zealanders need to be given clear statistics about the number of people per capita who are sick with Covid 19 or who have died by Covid 19, and those stats should be compared with things like regular flu, effects of smoking, drugs and alcohol, etc in previous years.

  • Fear, threat and shaming (all bullying) should not be used to motivate people, but accurate information should be available to encourage people to make wise informed choices for themselves and their dependents.

  • New Zealanders should be given scientific proof that masks, any mask, even those home made out of regular cloth, are good for our health and not detrimental.


New Conservative would:

  • Protect the vulnerable, the elderly and the compromised during an outbreak with necessary but minimal contact.

  • Ensure Rest Homes and similar live-in facilities with vulnerable residents are well ventilated with positive ventilation systems, and food well balanced with good vitamin C and D intake.

  • Ensure people are fully informed about the true efficacy and safety of the vaccine to be able to make a risk/benefit analysis for themselves and make a free and informed choice.

  • Ensure the unvaccinated are not banned from any events/locations and/or not discriminated against in the workplace.

  • Make access to vaccines available only through GPs/Medical Centres with GP’s advice/input.

  • Establish an Independent (non government) Vaccine Safety Authority to monitor any adverse effects of the vaccines.

  • Isolate the sick only. Stop lockdowns. Keep schools and businesses open, ask people to stay home if feeling unwell at all and get tested if symptoms are like Covid 19.

  • Test only those who are not feeling well at Medical Centres.

  • Require medical masks to be worn only by those working on the frontline.

  • Ensure facilities outside of the cities are either procured or built to provide MIQ for returning citizens and arriving visitors from high-risk countries to minimise any spread. 

  • Open our borders to low-risk countries with limited controls and self isolation if necessary.


New Conservative would:

  • Trust people to either keep a diary of their movements (even through EFTPOS use) or use the scanning app, other tracking apps, or signing in to facilitate contact tracing.

  • Advertise places of interest to alert people to possible exposure and to be aware of any early symptoms/unwellness requiring a test and self isolation until cleared.

  • Not random test the community trying to find something that is not evident.

  • Make saliva testing available as a priority and encourage and fund self-tests (antigen) to do at home as an indicator.


New Conservative would:

  • Use standard medical practice with individuals’ GPs involved in prescribing what they consider appropriate treatment.

  • Make all safe drugs available for use and resist being dictated to by the WHO or anyone else as to what the necessary treatment should be.

  • Increase our Health Care capacity to cope with an increase in the number of people needing hospital care and ICU care. This won’t be the last pandemic.