David Arvidson

Papakura Candidate

Life in New Zealand, for myself, has been pleasure in paradise. We have had freedom from war and a benevolent government. Let’s ensure the foundations of our great society remain in place for the next generations.

We had death and trauma in our family when I was young, I was raised by my widowed mum and without grandfathers.


The community of men around us had a huge input into my life for which I am eternally grateful. Due to government law changes it is now much harder for a community to rally support. 

Pukekohe born, still live just 15 minutes away in Papakura. Three years living away in Western Samoa, England, Blenheim. I have a marriage of 33 years with three adult children. My degree is in Agricultural Economics and my work career has been split between Farming and Project Management in the housing/property sector in Auckland.

People projects are my favourite. We Home-Schooled our children, helped with the education of others, taught Sunday School. We have had an open home where people from NZ and internationally have shared our home most years. I have also had involvement on charitable trusts and sports coaching. 

It is no use buying a holiday package if you don’t have enough money for food ! Likewise it is useless for government to build better homes if they make laws that mean we may not be alive to live in them ! 

I want to primarily focus on issues of life and death in government policy and the ability of the family unit to perform its function as the most important base for a successful society. Aborting babies near full term who could be adopted is as cruel as it gets.

I support the use of Citizen Initiated Referendums as a way to ensure laws have citizens support.

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