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WATCH LIVE: Elliot debates as Leader of the Affirmative Team, along side Dr. Don Brash, in the Think Big Free Speech Debate at the University of Auckland.

Key Coverage (click on the links to see):

  • Even though underrepresented Elliot was one of 5 interviewees discussing the Southern/Molyneux fiasco and why they too should enjoy Free Speech, on the TV show 'Sunday' (05/08/2018).

  • Whale Oil had Elliot as their 'Face of The Day', after he released a video on his Facebook page outlining why he was attending the Southern/Molyneux event (01/08/2018) 

  • Speaking to the Free Speech Protest, in Aotea Square, Auckland, Elliot galvanizes crowds of people in a very powerful manner of orating (14/07/2018)

  • Right Minds NZ lauds Elliot, in an article about him "demolishing" the biased radio host Wendyl Nissen (10/07/2018)

  • In an exceptional interview with Wendyl Nissen of The Long Lunch radio programme, on RadioLive, Elliot shared thoughts on the ban, the importance of Free Speech for New Zealanders, and his unique perspective. (This interview has since been removed from RadioLive's website - 10/07/2018)

  • Elliot was the first New Zealand political leader to call out Phil Goff's decision to ban Laura Southern and Stefan Molyneux in a public counsel-owned venue, in Auckland as malfeasance: Press Release 'A Line Has Been Crossed' (08/07/2018)

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